Advantages of TheatreFest

Advantages of Participating in
Theatre New Zealand’s

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  • Experience the benefit of being assessed by an ANZDA Accredited Adjudicator, so your individual work and group production skills can develop to a greater degree.
  • Adjudication can validate the standard to which you are aspiring.
  • The accent of Adjudication is on creativity, directing and acting.
  • Net-working within the Community environment, including societies, directors, teachers, schools and practitioners in all fields of Theatre.
  • You can enter a piece of theatre of up to a maximum of 50 minutes duration – regardless of genre, style or author.
  • The TheatreFest format exposes participants and audience members to several styles of Theatre in one evening.
  • An ideal forum for practicing your craft in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
  • A positive environment for young or new Theatre practitioners to develop within.
  • Awards recognize excellence and endeavor.
  • New Playwrights entries, receive adjudication/dramaturgy from an established professional playwright.
  • An environment in which both adults and youth can share, work and learn off each other.
  • There are no cultural or content boundaries.
  • Productions incorporating music and dance are also eligible.
  • Physical constraints regarding venues, technicals and travel, help to focus staging concept.
  • Progressing on to Regional or National Finals brings mana to your group.

Secondary Schools

  • The fostering of inter-school relationships.
  • Projects from your class drama programme can be expanded and entered in TheatreFest.
  • TheatreFest can meet the performance requirements of NCEA Drama Achievement Standards:
    • Level 1; 90006, 90997, 90999, 90009
    • Level 2; 91213, 91214, 91216, 91218, 91220, 91221
    • Level 3; 91512, 91513, 91515, 91517, 91519, 91520
  • Ensemble-devised class projects are eligible for entry and make good theatre.
  • The accent is on theatrical story-telling, rather than production values.
  • Creates a forum of opportunity regardless of socio-economic situation.
  • Progressing on to Regional or National level inspires your team to step-up.
  • Raises the profile of your school or drama course in the community and nationally.
  • Traveling to other centres places Performing Arts on a par with sporting activities.
  • TheatreFest Awards and cups can sit proudly in your school, alongside those of sporting achievements.

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