Working Together in Theatre

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This series of pamphlets published by Theatre New Zealand, is a guide on the responsibilities of each member in the production team. 

Planning for all creative positions starts well in advance of the rehearsal process. 

Theatre is a team sport and requires everyone to contribute equally. 

Areas of Responsibility Covered:

  • Director
  • Production Manager
  • Stage Manager
  • Set Designer
  • Production Wardrobe Manager
  • Properties/Furniture
  • Lighting Designer/Operator 
  • Prompt
  • Publicity
  • Front of House

Community theatre groups vary from town to town, depending on their size and structure. These pamphlets are intended as guidelines rather than hard-and-fast rules as some groups may want to add their own particular information relevant to their specific operational needs.

It is important for the smooth running of any production from first rehearsal to final night, that each member of the production team is conversant with their responsibilities, time-lines and integration with other areas.  

Sometimes there are over overlaps, so the production team should meet regularly (weekly if possible) during the rehearsal period to update progress, identify problems, share the load and ensure that each member is coping with their task. 

It is easy to see rehearsals progressing – but often not the other aspects of production as they are frequently constructed elsewhere.